Radio button field formatting

Can I format a radio button field somehow so it doesn’t look so misaligned?

Could you post a screenshot as well as what you’ve already tried to fix this issue?

I haven’t tried anything because not sure where to start.

The best place to start with all CSS issues is to inspect the code on the page (right click on an element and choose “Inspect”) This will transform your browser into a mode where you can move your mouse around to select the elements and see what kind of styling is applied to them. Do you have a public link to this page where I could try inspecting it myself to show you how to do this?

Thank you, Eric. I know how to inspect an element. I just don’t know how to adjust FMBF snippets and or why they show like that. Unfortunately no public link.

It could be something browser-specific or it could be something else with your site’s CSS settings. Either way, it’s likely a CSS issue that you would be able to fix by inspecting the element and finding a bit of CSS that can adjust how things are displayed.

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Okay, so it seems it looks perfectly well in Chrome but not in Safari on my Mac. So I’m just gonna live with it.