Redirect to a Wizard's Tab When Form Loads via a Condition

I am creating a wizard type process for the site that I am working on. I have multiple pages that are each a form type of ‘wizard’.

In my scenario, the users only need to navigate through two pages to submit their request. However, if the user is on page 2 and they would like to go back to page 1, is there a way to redirect the user to a specific wizard tab of page 1 via a condition? For example, if the user had already entered all the required data on page 1 redirect them to the last wizard tab of page 1’s wizard.

Is this possible?

To be clear on the first page / tab of the wizard, you have something that has tabs there? and you want to navigate to one of those?

@delfs I’m sorry, I think I got the terminology incorrect here. Instead of tabs, I think they are called slots.

Is there a way to be taken to a specific slot of the wizard once the page loads via a condition?

If you look in the hook under state, I think there is an index key, By setting that in the hook, you can force a tab change.

@delfs I’m going to need to revive this thread.

Is there a way to change the slot the user is on via a button click as an action? Or is the only way to do it via a hook call to FileMaker?

The underlaying component does support it as documented here:

I will have to check the base code to see if it is exposed though.
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