Refreshing a Parent Window

I am struggling to get this to work! I have a card modal that comes up to update a record. The card modal opens from an account page to update phone numbers or an address. When submitted, it runs a utility hook. That is all working, but I want to be able to refresh the parent page so that the changes that are submitted in the card modal refresh on the parent page. I have tried use a set path action to refresh the page at the end of the utility hook, but that doesn’t do anything. I am assuming that is because the action doesn’t know it’s supposed to refresh the parent page. I have also tried using path with onClosed_actions on the card modal and that doesn’t work either. Is there a simple way to just reload the parent page after a utility hook from a card modal?

After you close the modal, use a utility hook to call the onFormRequest script of the parent page. That will update the model with fresh data from FMS.

Thanks for taking the time. Sometimes I forget about how simple and right calling back to FileMaker is to get updated data in the model. Before using the runUtilityHook, I added a function to the onClosed_actions option, location.reload(), which looked like crap since it reloaded the whole app.

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