Regression error in bf-staging regarding creating an account that exists

I have two domains deployed from the same environment. When I attempt to create an account from the one with bf-latest, I get this message:

This email has already been registered.

When I attempt to create an account from the one with bf-staging, I get this message:

FileMaker Server Error: Value in field is not unique as required in validation entry options

The second message is not ideal for end-users to see.

Hey Dan,
Is this a model.authMessage error? If so, the model.authMessage errors can be customized. A forum post here: Login - Custom Error Message if Email Unverified - #3 by Andrew
Can you attach an image?

Once I noticed this issue only affected bf-staging, I didn’t look any further. Yes, it does come from model.authMessage. I had assumed this was an unintentional change since the old message is much clearer to users. I’ll modify my code to test for that new message and modify it in that case, though, so it’ll work the same either way.

I believe this is a bug.
The message should not change at all.
@christina can you note as Eduardo should be able to set the default handler to show the same.

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