Reset Password - blank screen

First time trying this feature. Received the email successfully.

After clicking the link , the page is blank. Nothing appear on the screen login/reset/1940433A-1044-5641-B74F-B9484ACC5D81___a79f945db7396162150b19803e5a38

Thank you.

I have tried this url as well. Adding the token= in the URL. But I am still getting a blank screen. It looks to me it cannot locate the login/reset form. login/reset?token=1940433A-1044-5641-B74F-B9484ACC5D81___a79f945db7396162150b19803e5a38

Another thing I noticed is I run this morning. The token is exactly the same as the one I posted yesterday. I thought each time you run this, there should be a new token.


Have you defined a reset page at nav slug / login/reset ?

You should be able to hit that regardless.


Haha… Silly me… I was looking for that reset form example but somehow I could not find it the last few days. Now I search again and I found that form.

By the way, does the token expired after sometime ? If so, what is the duration ?

Thank you

I am also getting a blank screen upon clicking the link. I checked that there is a slug for /login/reset. anything else that I should look for?

check the URL in the link carefully, as it should resolve to a valid page

two instances of the app. same scripting, same navigation settings. one gives blank page, one resolves properly.

That does not address the URL, you need to start there. Compare, and then if different address, else if same, then check the target page exists in both apps …

right. it’s a login/reset. it’s been commented out in both apps. works on one, and not the other.

I can’t really diagnose what the issue is without knowing if the URL link is even valid

So, we are now chasing an error for: Expected string value. (authManagement).
the URL that is in the browser from the password reset script is:
The URL in the email is:

is the error in that the form is resolving the slug?

I think you mean you have URL’s from different sources?
What is the base code version for the site, new sites use the email link format you provided.

Older sites needed the first format ( nav slug contains the token)

New site need the token passes as a query parameter: ?token=xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxx_xxxxx

I’m not sure where that /form/xxxx first version came from but it probably will not work.