Responsive Min/Max Date in Date Time Picker

It appears that a responsive min/max date using the date/time picker is not possible?

I am trying to do use the following options:

"dateTimePickerOptions": {
                "allowInputToggle": true,
                "format": "dddd MMMM Do YYYY",
                "icons": {
                    "today": "fa fa-star"
                "minDate_calc": "model.state.currentDate",
                "showClear": true,
                "showClose": true,
                "showTodayButton": true,
                "useCurrent": true

It appears a _calc doesn’t work in this context? Is this expected behavior?

When I put in a static value, i.e. 12/01/2021, the picker works as intended. Using a _calc, the picker will not display.