Saving file assets to FMBetterForms

I am trying to save some .PNG files in the FMBetterForms file assets. I have administrator access, the files are .PNG and all are one word names. I load the file from my local drive and it shows up. After I click ‘Done’ (if I crop the image), I then click “Add” but it does not add. In the upper right hand quadrant it shows a hyperlinked ‘1 file’ along with the image size. Nothing else happens and the image never uploads into my file asset file. When my programming partner tries to load the same image, his is able to load. Whats up?

This sounds like a bug, can you try to refresh and try again?

@christina can you document this

It keeps happening but If I try the upload process several times sometimes it will take. Sometimes it wont upload no matter how many times I do it. I tried to upload one image today and it took me three trys before it did.