Scrollable Card Modal

Dan Rosenstein:
So, card modals have an option parameter of ‘scrollable’ but I still don’t seem to be able to scroll it. Has anyone done this successfully?

Andrew Dam:
These set of classes in the page info seem to do it for me:

    "styleClassesBody": "overflow-auto h-full",
    "styleClassesPage": "h-full",

Christina Saran:
Hey Dan! I looked into the docs and the parameter scrollable - Enables scroll within the modal when the height of the modal is greater than the screen. So rather Andrew’s solution will as you expect!

Dan Rosenstein:
Great. Thanks guys. I will try it out!

Dan Rosenstein:
Where does that go in? under styleClasses?

Andrew Dam:
Should look something like this in your Page Info tab.

    "authLevel": 0,
    "description": "This is the actual modal page",
    "formName": "Modal with Data from Query",
    "formType": "formblank",
    "hookSetName": "contactModal",
    "namedActions": {
        "onFormLoad": []
    "requestHook": true,
    "sendFullSchema": false,
    "styleClassesBody": "overflow-auto h-full",
    "styleClassesPage": "bg-white h-full",
    "validateOnBack": false

Dan Rosenstein:

Dan Rosenstein:
This is useful :sunglasses: (maybe good idea to move to forum?)