Server Setup - change

Just setup a new server on Windows, something that changed in the recent version is the domain is not recognized by just the first word in the domain string. In previous setup, I only referred to the single prefix “test” as the domain in e.g. - I used test as the reference in the dispatch script. In this recent setup, I had to change the reference to the domain by using Stepping through the script showed me the domain it was expecting.

Not sure if this the standard going forward, maybe someone at BF can verify. One other thing to note, when I went to add the domain, I got an error on setup. However, when I refreshed, the domain was in the setup. This is the only difference from previous setups. I assumed the domain was setup even though I got the error.

If you are referring to the helper file dispatch, you can use


Both vars are instantiated!

Thanks, did not notice the $sub, I just went into the dispatcher and noticed it didn’t work. Too many zombie moves now!!