Setting isVerify to 1 automatically, bypassing email verification on new user creation

In my app, I am not sending a verification email and auto-enabling accounts by using auto enter data of 1 in the isEnabled field of the BetterForms_Helper Users table. What should I do to get the isVerify to stay 1? I have tried to use the same auto enter in the isVerified field to set it to 1, but it doesn’t change from 0.
I have over 150 successful users who have created their accounts, logged in successfully and used the site, but had one user (that I know of) who created an account but could not login. She created her account and the user creation was done and my hook set the correct information in my database. She tried to log back in and she was given an invalid login message. When she tried to send a reset link it says that the User is not verified. I went ahead and just manually entered a “1” in the isVerified field for her user. So far, I have manually done that for every user, but want to automate that (via best practice on your recommendation) on user creation of course.

You can opt to not send emails for various phases of the registration process as long as you account for things.

The helper file has a CRUD script that you c am call and set the isVerified to true.

As for your single user who had issues with creds, that’s common. Some people use auto entered passwords and they get lost etc.

For resetting the email, if you have them verified then that will no longer matter.

Thanks, the CRUD script is working.

Do we really have to use the CRUD script to set isVerified to true? Why can’t we use the auto-enter calc in the database?

I’d really like to avoid adding an external file reference to the helper file in the solution file.

@APJ You can use the auto-enter calc. The CRUD script is useful if you want to conditionally set some users to be verified and not others.

Eric, My experience is that unless I use the CRUD script onRegistration, I end up with the text “false” in isVerified.

Sounds like you are writing a string vs boolean, just set to 1 ?
Also I think that field has an auto enter function ( newest helper ) that will also correct to a true 0 /1 boolean.

Charles, I checked the auto enter calculations and the number one is being set, so I can’t see there the string “false” is coming from. There are no scripts in the helper file that reference isVerified and in the solution file only the call to the CRUD User script references isVerified in order to fix the problem.

The incoming hooks for registration (onFormRequest and onRegistration both only include

"isVerified" : null,

It’s all very puzzling

The crud updates fields via set field by name so you will not find a direct inference.

The auto enter in the boolean fields should correct true and fasle to 1/0