Site Map vs Page List

The page list is fine for searching but it would be excellent if we had something like a site map tree to visualize the pages and flow.

This is a triky one since there are som many ways haves can navigate.

We could create a grid display of pages as an alternative but that’s not really the same.

Because we leave enough flexibility to be able to navigate from actions, navigation, menus, slots, Java, script, etc. it makes it nearly impossible to determine what is connected to what, in a programmatic fashion

I do think that some type of grid display where the user can arrange the grid in their own liking based on how the app flows may make a lot of sense though.

I would imagine this would involve flipping from page list view to graphical view.
Then, the user would drag the pages within a snapping style into columns or rose much like we do in the table occurrence diagram. This way you can arrange things that logically maps with how you think about the app.

What do you think of that idea?