Site Request Timeouts

Hi, I’m getting timeout exceeded errors throughout the website. No areas in particular, just every action either taking a long time to complete or timing out completely. Are there any known issues at the moment?

Hi Cory
For this type of thing, the Slack #known-issues is the best place.

you can also check here too:

Sorry, I’m not familiar with Slack. Please direct me to instructions on how to set up if you dont mind.

The timeout issues are likely from your FileMaker scripts. Can you check your helper file? Each record in the inbox also shows how long that hook took to run.

There is a limit of 20 seconds for all FileMaker scripts, so if you have processes that take longer than that, they would need to be optimized or spun off into a different PSOS call so your script can return to BetterForms within the limit.