Slugs and other bugs

I have a button that has this action attached:
“action”: “path”,
“options”: {
“path_calc”: “‘/form/FR_8E362088-2097-6F44-8E0C-B379B3F095BF?buffer=on’”,
“type”: “onFormRequest”
When I replace the form ID with the associated slug (ie. ‘/slug?buffer=on’) it doesn’t work.
What syntax should I be using? (assuming it’s possible)

_calc will only work in the context of the page, if this is running in a namedAction it will not evaluate correct. In this case, use a function key in the action with some JS

_calc evaluates realtime and is reactive. So if a dependancy changes, it’s value also instantly changes. If its in a named action, it does not know the context of what is calling it. Named actions run explicitly and not reactivly.

BTW DONT use hard coded form id’s they will not be compatible with future BF code.