Strangest behaviour ever seen - showing deleted tab

I have a form displaying employee data in 6 different tabs. This has been working for the past 3 months. This morning , I decided to remove one of the tab. Here is the strange behaviour. For some employees, it is showing the correct changed form with 5 tabs. However, for some employees, the deleted tab is show showing up. How can this be ? TQ

Check a few things:
Do you have copies of this page, perhaps somehow you are hitting a copy.

Do you have additional tabs and some are conditionally hidden?

I did not do anything yesterday and I just left it as it is. This morning, I display the form. Now the changes have been updated correctly. It really looks like there is a cache some where. I then proceed to make some changes to the form , save and then refresh. The changes are NOT reflected. Hope we can resolve this quickly. Thank you

I believe this was related to an issue with the system cache not clearing we had today. It should be corrected now.

Ya. I just run some tests. Looks good now. TQ