Syntax - for in line commands in icons

Is there any documentation on proper syntax for function(s) in an icon. I want to perform a few functions on an icon. eg for a path, is it a namedAction or can I just use path? e.g. <i @click=\“path\“ class=" fa fa-xxxx " > or is it <i @click=“namedAction:” options{} class=" fa fa-xxxx ">. Also how or what is format to run 2 or more functions on a single click.

Check out this section of the docs for an example of how to use named actions within HTML, which I believe is what you’re asking about.

Named actions are kinda like FileMaker scripts, in that you can define them in 1 place and call them from multiple places, including within other named actions. If you need to run multiple actions, it might be easiest to create a new named action that calls all the functions you need. However, you can also run multiple JavaScript commands inline with the @click using semicolons like this:

@click="namedAction('action1'); namedAction('action2');"

I saw that, thanks. I guess I am looking for list or reference as to what all the defined actions are and what all the parameters are for each function. In FileMaker, if I go to the define fields or scripts, all the commands available are listed with the variables needed. e.g. @click=“namedAction(‘path’, {path:’/login’})” versus @click=“showAlert(‘alert’,{title: ‘Alert’, text: ‘The record is deleted’, type: ‘warning’})” . One has one option, the second one has 3. Having a reference would cut down the coding time significantly in my opinion.

Named actions are defined yourself, in the namedActions object of the Misc tab of your form, or in your site settings. There are only a few reserved names for named actions, which I believe are only onAppLoad and onFormLoad

Scroll up on that same page of the docs to see exactly how named actions are defined in the JSON schema of your form. Essentially you just pick a name, then define the normal actions in a JSON Array, using the same snippets found on the page builder tab.