Syntax to Add numeral values together using model.myfield values, not string them.. o.o

~ I am using radio buttons to select enrollment options on a client registration form.
~ I have figured out how to pass the correct “value” of the selection, while using human readable names on the button options →

                                "name": "MONDAY - FRIDAY",
                                "value": "175"
                            }, {
                                "name": "MONDAY / WEDNESDAY / FRIDAY",
                                "value": "110"
                            }, {
                                "name": "TUESDAY / THURSDAY",
                                "value": "75"
                            }, {
                                "name": "NONE",
                                "value": "0"

I now need to tally these values for the tuition total. My code snippet for the html, simply strings them together as text. How do I add the numerals as numbers??

“html”: “Total Charge today: {{numeral(model.FAM_Child[0].EarlyPreference + model.FAM_Child[0].EnrollmentPreference + model.FAM_Child[0].LunchPreference + (model.FAM_Child[0].TimePreference * model.FAM_Child[0].PickUpPreference)).format(’$0,0.00’)}}”

You can use loads for this type of thing:


So something like:

{{ _.sumBy(model.FAM_Child[0] , 'value' )  }}

and you can format that as a currency with numeral too.