Table Dropdown Select - writing back to model

I’ve got myself in a muddle trying to add a dropdown select slot to a table, and have the selection submitted back through the model in the utility hook when a ‘Tutor Transfer’ button is clicked for that row. I likely need to go back to basics on how BF data models work, but here’s what I have if anyone can point me in the right direction?


"slots": [{
                    "html": "<div class=\" pull-right flex items-center\">\n    \n\n    <div class=\"relative text-left pull-right\">\n        <div>\n            <button @click.stop=\"namedAction('transferAction', {groupSelect: row.tutorUnitGroup})\" class=\"btn-pri\">Tutor Transfer</button>\n\n        </div>\n\n    </div>\n</div>",
                    "slot": "icons"
                }, {
                    "html": "<div>\n  <select class=\"form-select block w-full mt-1 border-gray-300 rounded-md shadow-sm focus:border-indigo-300 focus:ring focus:ring-indigo-200 focus:ring-opacity-50\">\n    <option disabled selected>{{ model.unitAllocs[0].tutorUnitGroup }}</option>\n    <option v-for=\"group in _.uniq( => group.tutorUnitGroup))\" :key=\"group\" :value=\"group\">{{ group }}</option>\n  </select>\n</div>\n",
                    "slot": "tutorUnitGroup"

transferAction script:

    "action": "runUtilityHook",
    "options": {
        "item": "groupSelect",
        "type": "save"

I’m assuming I need a function that writes the selection back to the model, but my attempts have hit a wall so far and there may be a more straightforward approach I’m unaware of?

Also, the Group options are currently being generated from unique options in the current model, which is an unnecessary complication - this is just for dev purposes and will ultimately come from an additional array in the model instead.

Many thanks

If I am understanding correct with out any UI pics, you want to fire a hook from a table row, then have the server update the table again after that script runs?

If so, in your hook simply call the onFormRequest script again and that will return / update the data.