Table - hide # of records found

How do you hide the # of records found at the bottom of a table? This is a table using the BF type “table2”. For my application, it’s not needed and a bit confusing for the user.

This BF Element is based around and the docs can be found here:

There are a few options depending on your needs,

  1. You can set the perPage option to a number that’s higher than your result count

  2. You can customize the texts that display in that area as well ( even an empty text )
    Here is how the pages list view in the editor looks behind the scenes:

 "texts": {
                    "count": "Showing {from} to {to} of {count} Forms|{count} Forms|One Form",
                    "filterPlaceholder": "Search Forms, id's ...",
                    "noResults": "No forms / pages found, Create one?"

This also allows you to change other texts


Thanks Charles! The perPage option didn’t work, but setting the Texts option for ‘count’ to “” did!

Ah yes, sorry, that is for hiding pagination not the summary text!