Table showing partners and orders

I would like a bit of guidance here. I am working on a summary view for our account managers so they can see all of our partners orders for a given week. The data is by partner then within that partner by room. So, a single partner may have 5 rooms. I’m hesitant to throw all of that detail at the account managers. What I’d like is to show a summary table of all partners and their orders smart orders per day for the week, and have a “child row” that is a table that’s all of the individual room’s orders for the week. I had thought of embedding a table2 inside the child_row, but I haven’t quite figured out how. Would grouping be what you would do? Not sure how to do this…

This is pretty doable.
You can use a child row or if there isn’t too much data put it into it. An example of the slots is the site list virw of the editor. The domains are shown (if you have multiple) but these are child table rows.

If you go with the child view you will need to make the rows as html with v-for like syntax


Not quite sure I follow. Some of our partners only have 1 room, but several have 5 to 15 rooms. Each room would be it’s own row. Would I make these as rows via HTML and the v-for syntax or is there a way to show multiple child rows natively?

jsut the parent rows can be shown with out any additional work, as for child rows, there are so many use cases so its hard, but here is an example from my account that shows multiple rows with the second syntax mentioned above. This could easily be placed in a child row slot though to hide.

The nice thing with a child row ( vs my attached image) is that you can also limit height and screw after say 5 or so rows …

Thank you for clarifying. This makes sense. I’ll work on embedding the detail rows using HTML with v-for statements, and will put them into the child_row slot.

EDITED: for clarification of my comment.