Timer Logout after inactivity period

We need to be able to force a logout after a period of inactivity for child protection compliance…

Our app cannot go live without this.

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We have added a timer action which can do this, but in the interim, you can do this with a js timer.

Any idea when the timer action will be released? I’d rather wait and do it properly only once. :wink:

There is no ETA at the moment but typically we follow this procedure:

  • Evaluate potential use cases for a feature
  • Write a spec or API doc on how it would be used in all use cases
  • Develop the feature and use internally in our own projects or work closely with a dev in an undocumented release
  • Make addition, often breaking, changes as needed
  • then soft release the feature.

There are a number of items that we are currently working on and since it can be solved with existing app abilities we have to triage accordingly.


Thanks for the update. I recall couple of other devs expressing interest in this. I’ll get MJ to look into the JS timer approach.

Following on from @APJ I have created a standalone plugin which will logout a user after a specified period of inactivity. If anyone is interested DM me and I’ll send over the script.

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