Trigger Named Action on Enter Key

Neil Manchester:
I am using a Vue Multiselect with a server side search for loading a list of client names. Currently uses @search-change to trigger an NA and have this set to only pull data if the search query is 4 or more characters. However, I have a clinic with 25k clients so even searching for something like Emma causes quite a delay. I’d like to implement it so that the NA is only triggered once the user hits the Enter key but not having any joy. Any idea if this can be achieved?

Christina Saran:
I haven’t tested this with serverside search Neil, but Vue has this:


Hope this helps.

Neil Manchester:
Thanks, I’ll give that a try

how about just return the first 100 or so, users will keep typing if they dont see the result

Neil Manchester:
Great shout. Already do that on the list views so not sure why I didn’t do it on the searches! Cheers