UI design tools integration and AI


I’m new to BF and I’m currently working on a project where we use Figma for designing our maquettes. We’re using Better Forms for development and are wondering if there are specific tools or integrations available to directly hook Figma into Better Forms. This would ideally help us avoid recreating our maquettes from scratch.

Does Better Forms support this kind of integration with Figma? If not, what are the best practices or alternatives to streamline this process?

Also, in the tutorial videos, there was a short demo of an AI tool that can create code based on screenshots. Is this available yet?

Any advice or insights would be greatly appreciated!

There are a few options here.

there are some free Figma to Tailwind code generators that you could use as a starting point. None that I tested work great but could be a start for HTML blocks.

Another way is to use the BF AI Assistant with a screen of the component you want to create.