Understanding Dev and Staging Environments

Jason Dietrich:
I am trying to deploy an environment from Staging to Production. A few weeks ago, I copied a Production environment to Staging and did my work. Now I am trying to deploy to Production into a new environment. First off, I deleted some duplicate pages and tried to deploy. It ended up copying those pages that I deleted. Secondly, the pages that are copied to Production have none of the work that I have done. It’s all the old pages. I have tried a couple of times and cleared my browser data each time. Am I missing something that I need to do first while deploying?

Staging envs are not the same as Dev environments.
Dev environments are really for development. They have versioning and will keep all pages.
When you deploy from staging, you deploy the original version of that env. eg if it was version 4, and you made edits, and now says version 4 edited, you will deploy version 4 only.

In dev mode, the latest development changes will be rolled into the new version,

You can simply move your env to dev and deploy from there. To change the stage, go into the env settings modal.