Upload files to a web accessible folder in our server

Right now in BF, we have to use one of those uploader ( e.g UploadCare and so on) to upload document to their Cloud Server. This involves 3rd party and also extra charges. It will be great if we can have the ability to upload document directly into a web accessible folder in our own server. A lot of times, we just need to storage some document. We do not need those features like transformation or thumbnail. Possible ? TQ

Right now this isn’t possible with BF. Alternative options:

  • Keep using the upload services which are supported( e.g. UploadCare)
  • You could install this open-source project on a PHP server ‘next to’ your FMS: https://github.com/matatirosolutions/filemaker-container-bridge and this would allow you to send data in and out of containers (directly) - I know this works because it’s already being used by at least one other BF project which relies heavily on container access (and I wrote the code ;-))
  • You could avoid having to do any server configuration at all using: https://www.fm-api.com/docs/container/ which (admittedly is a paid service, but it’s affordably priced ;-)) also allows direct access to push content into and out of containers directly through BF (see it working on https://msdev.fmbetterforms.com/#/form/FR_48EB67E7-8E1B-884F-AD2E-CF27AFC5E2C0 ) - I know that works because, umm, well, this is a shameless promotion of a service I built to solve exactly this problem.

Steve, when you say, reasonably price, what are you asking? Is there limits? Bandwidth charges etc?

I don’t use container field at all.

I just want to upload document to a web accessible folder in my server from BF. Sure I can use upload services but if I have lots of large document, the price is not cheap. I have to worry about bandwidth and file size. Apart from price, I do not want to manage too many external service. I want to keep everything simple. Furthermore my server has almost unlimited storage,

In one of my earlier development using PHP, I managed to achieve that with PHP coding and FileMaker PHP API. So I am hoping BF can do this as well. TQ

Details are here: https://www.fm-api.com/pricing/ No bandwidth restrictions, but there are limits on the number of containers you can configure and the number of calls per month starting from $10 USD for 2 containers and 500 calls per month.

If you don’t want to put things into containers then what you need on your server is even simpler - it could be done in a few lines of PHP / JavaScript / Python and might be the simplest way for you to get what you want, since anything which can be built into BF will rely on using containers (at least temporarily) since that’s the only way that BF can interact with your FMS.