Uploadcare behaviour

So I’m trying to replace Dropzone with Uploadcare by using the example page:
BF Uploadcare

It seems to be ignoring some of the options sometimes and I can’t figure out when and why.
On the example page it showed me the file size and a remove button and then it stopped.

I created my own page with 3 separate consecutive uploads elements (but identical).
So, the 2nd and 3rd showed me ‘1 file’ and a ‘remove’ button, but the first never does (maybe something to do with the global options that are shared across elements on 1 form?).

Has anyone else come across such behaviour?
Any ideas?

After spending several hours trying to figure out what’s happening, it looks like this component doesn’t currently support more than 1 Uploadcare component on a forrm.

This can be seen here:
If you select an image using the second button - nothing shows in the Model.
If you select an image using the first model it shows the same file for both components…
This obviously makes it un-usable unless you only need to upload 1 file or set of files.

Any suggestions?
Does anyone know how to use DropZone with a paid account? I don’t see anything on this anywhere and the free account is now extremely limited…


We have created this example that can support multiple upload care components.