User info not being returned on login

I’m setting a JSON block on login with some user info that is stored in FM. The user table has the BF user ID stored, it’s the same as what’s in the Helper file. For all but one user it seems to be working fine.

The problem user doesn’t get his info returned. When I look at the DEV TOOLS model the key is there, but no data. Log in with another user - all is fine. What might cause this?

User is enabled in the Helper file. He can log in, but his user info is missing.

The first place to start is by finding the record in your inbox where you expect the data to be passed back to BetterForms and running it locally with the debugger open. You then can walk through the call to your FileMaker system and figure out what’s causing this.

That’s the next step. Was also going to delete his record in the Helper file and recreate it. Other users are fine, it’s just him.