Users getting timeout errors

When users are loging in to my app they are getting timeout errors. Once logged in, the landing page is calculating a few things on the FM side for display.

Nothing too major - 4 SUM’s via eSQL statements. Found set is small (20-30 records), total records in table is around 340,000. No JOINs in the eSQL but there is a BETWEEN in the WHERE clause.

This is several users reporting it, generally on iPhones.

Hooks have a default timeout of 20 seconds, so I wonder if its something else.
Are you seeing any long times in the helper inbox?

Will take a look when I can. Thanks.

Anything specific I should be looking for in the InBox?

The inbox has a timer in the footer area.

That’s what I thought. Wanted to make sure there wasn’t something else embedded in there.

A lot of the calls to the page are in the 1400-1600 ms range. Then there are a whack that are in the 15,000 - 22,000 ms range.

I would start by investigating those long call times. Something in file maker is making it run really long. You can experiment first by just running that hook locally.