Using BF_App for storing Application static data

  1. Would it be good practice to use BF_App for storing static Application data (nothing sensitive) or is BF_App really only designed for BF usage and how much data is too much data to expect to store in the browser.

If we could store say 50k of data which changes only once or twice per year then we could eliminate thousands of simple validation lookups which currently have to go back to FMS and make things much faster as well.

  1. There seems to be two types of BF_App data - Permanent (which is setup in the BF editor and only gets downloaded once per login) and Temporary (which is setup in the app/FMS but which gets downloaded on each page refresh) - is there a function to programmatically update the Permanent data from within BF (or FMS) - which could be run periodically to update the static data when it does actually change.

Couple of ideas here…

  1. add an onAppLoad request which calls a hook script and pulls in the ‘permanent’ data and then stores that in a standard JavaScript variable e.g.
  2. provide the data by some externally accessible URL and do more-or-less the same thing using fetch().

Either solution would end up with the data being stored in the browser… if it’s only ~50k then that’s not going to be too much of an issue, however on lower-powered mobile devices if it starts to get too big then that might given you issues.

Thanks Steve - works perfectly. Have tested with 500k on a range of devices including some very low end mobile/tablet and works well and very fast.