Using the _actions key in html element

Background: I’m creating a html block for a button with a built-in progress tracker which I would like to be reusable where the only editing required is in the schema not in the html code itself. All the data is passed in using {{schema.SOME_KEY}}.

Problem: I can’t work out how to write json actions in the schema under the key btnClick_actions and have them added to the actions processor when I click the button. I’m thinking I need something like
<button @click="schema.btnClick"> in the html block but so far I haven’t got anything to work.

Anyone got any advice?

Are you creating the button as a component?

I’m trying to get as close to a component as possible, but I don’t know where/how to actually make components.

Although I have solved the issue I was talking about at the beginning of the thread, I didn’t realise that actions had to be an array not a single object to work in this case, once I’d enclosed the action object in [] it worked fine.