V-for question: duplicate icon?

In attempting to use v-for to show a repeating list of assets in the model, I am able to display the html representation of the URL in the model array. I added an icon to “delete” the asset, in case the user erroneously loads the wrong asset to the record.
The v-for is displaying TWO icons. I want the icon to capture the ID of the particular v-for record, to pass that on to a namedAction to delete that particular item.
the code is as follows:

<div v-for="asset in model.Receipts" class="panel" style="width: 200px; float:left; margin-right: 17px">
    <div class="panel-heading">
        <img :src="asset.URL" style="margin-bottom:8px; width: 180px; height: 180px; object-fit: cover">

        <i style="color: blue; margin-top:8px;"  v-for="ID in asset" @click="namedAction('deleteReceipt',{asset:asset})" class="fa fa-2x fa-trash-o pointer"></i>



Screen Shot 2021-10-05 at 9.06.28 AM

What did I miss?

Unless you want repeating icons per row (Assuming not )
You will now pass the entire asset object to the namedAction
can pick it up at

Note it’s a better practice to pass the whole object in case you need more fields.