Validation issues on wizard form

I’m trying to setup the onFailed_actions for the validation on my wizard form but the named action is always showing successful validation even though the form is not. I have my “Next” button overridden with a slot, that references my “next” named action:

Here is the named action that it calls:

When I click the “Next” button you can see that the alert gets run for a successful validation and the onFailed_actions never get called:

I’ve tried turning off the “Validate After Changed” option and changed the “next” named action to be an empty array, and when I press the “Next” button, the form still shows the “This field is required text” and doesn’t move on. That makes me think that there is some secondary validation running separately from the named action that I’m calling. Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong here or what I could do to troubleshoot this further?

Correct, the validate action will only run on your action triggers.

I suggest you book a support call so we can look at this in detail as I think there will be a lot of questions.