What messaging channels are users joined to?

Jason Wood:
Looking at messages for the first time.

After running the API - Join Channel script, the channel won’t work until the next time the user logs in, correct? Whereas if you do the same thing through the API, the channel works right away?

And a documentation issue:

On this page, in the section “Adding users using a FileMaker Script”, the “Example Script Parameters” shows the incorrect format for the script parameter. This is the format for the API method.

Jason Wood:
After looking at the result of an API call to /message/users it looks like every user automatically joins an authenticated channel whose name is their id. This is undocumented, so is there any reason I should not use this to send updates to individual users?

Jason Wood:

Thats correct.
Four channels are auto-created
• tab ID
• annonymous
• authenticated
• idUser BF

There is a small note here

that mentions the channels that are joined.
This could be made clearer.