Why is my registration workflow failing?

I’m having an issue with an app in my dev environment where the Auth - Signup / Register page is not calling an global named action authLogin once the users registration is complete. I have an authComplete named action configured to fire once the registration process is completed consisting of 4 named actions, including a authLogin action.

However when reviewing the BF_Helper file and comparing it against prod, my dev environment only completes 2 calls whereas prod completes 4, including a call to the user.onLogin service. I’ve checked both my environments page info and they are identical, same with the Global Named Actions area of the apps.

The strange part is that the account info is created correctly. If I go to the app login page, I can log in using the creds I entered during the registration workflow to access landing page. I’m kind of at a loss why the global named action appears to be failing.

If you could share your named actions, that would help us reproduce and debug the issue.

You mentioned your dev and prod environments behave differently, are they running on different base codes?

Here’s the array, its the same on both environments:

   "namedActions": {
        "authComplete": [{
            "action": "function",
            "function": "model.password = app.password; delete app.password"
        }, {
            "action": "authLogin"
        }, {
            "action": "hideCardModal"
        }, {
            "action": "namedAction",
            "name": "refresh"
        "onFormLoad": [{
            "action": "authLogout"
        }, {
            "action": "function",
            "function": "model.email = decodeURIComponent(BF.getQueryParam('email'))"
        }, {
            "action": "setFocus",
            "options": {
                "elementId": "password"

Turns out that the dev environment was still running on BF_Staging so I switched it to BF_Latest.