Wizard Next and Complete Button Position

I was wondering if there was a certain style available to align the Back and Complete button for a Wizard Form to the button of the page no matter what elements reside in the page.

It’s a bit tricky, jhave a look at the new form wizard and the next button there, if that works I can see how it was done.

Note it’s only on the first tab and basically sets a height as a calc of the screen height.

The wizard is a pretty old element and really just …‘ok’ We should probably design a new one thats more flexible, Welcome to hear thoughts and UX ideas on that …

FWIW, we would love a redesign - we use the Wizard for our heaviest traffic BF site. Features we’d like:

  • Control over the default slots - next and finish. Change position, hide conditionally - adding many of the features present in default BF buttons.
  • Ability to jump to a different wizard tab. Perhaps I’m doing it wrong, but I was unable to use the commands in the vue wizard docs to conditionally jump tabs.
  • Conditionally changing the panels - add, remove, hide.

Perhaps the best solution would be to create a tool or maybe just a demo for users to make their own Wizards, rather than maintaining it as a separate page type? I’m sure you could create a wizard as a set of BF pages and maybe that allows more flexibility without requiring you to support and maintain a completely different form type?

Agreed, Wizards are very personal to a use case and certainly one size does not fit all.

I think understanding the concepts of how to build them would be a good start.
For smaller steps, we are leaning toward single page wizards in our builds that progressively reveal (disclose) the next steps, and these are easy to build.

Since there are at lease 5 ways we have built them, a tool would not be possible but more examples would be. We have noted this for new templates.