Wizard with HTML Header on each panel

Where do I put an HTML element to get it to show above the icons on each panel of a form wizard?

Hmm this would have to go into a slot in a slots key in the misc page.

    "slots": [{
        "html": "<div class=\"pb-3 pl-4\">\n    <div class=\"float-left\" role=\"button\" tabindex=\"0\">\n        <button type=\"button\" class=\" text-purple-600  hover:text-blue-800\" @click=\"namedAction('saveAndReturn',{})\">\n            <i class=\"fa fa-angle-left fa-2x bg-blue-500 \n             rounded-full w-8 h-8 \n            text-white align-middle pr-1 mr-2\"></i>\n            <span class=\"sm:hidden lg:inline\">Save and return later</span>\n        </button>\n    </div>\n    <div class=\"text-center font-bold text-lg md:text-2xl pr-48\">\n        The Wizard\n    </div>\n</div>",
        "slot": "title"
    }, {
        "html": "<button type=\"button\" class=\"mr-4 text-purple-600  hover:text-blue-800\"\n@click=\"namedAction('save')\"\n    > <span class=\"sm:hidden lg:inline\">Save</span></button>",
        "slot": "custom-buttons-right"

would be an example of a title slot and a custom button…

Thanks, that worked.