Wizard with variable number of panels

Is it possible to dynamically add/remove panels/steps from a wizard based on model data? I tried putting a visible_calc on the entire panel but that didn’t work.

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In short, no …But it’s really easy to build a multiple panel wizard yourself.

It can be done on a single page but also via a succession of pages with next buttons.

Do you have a design in mind?

I don’t really need the breadcrumbs at the top, so all I really need is the next/previous buttons, and for them to skip sections based on conditions.

Another option I would like to consider would be to progressively reveal each new step at the bottom of the form (leaving the previous sections there). So each section would have a “continue” button at the end, and when you click it, it would validate the existing section(s) and then reveal the next relevant section. I may be able to figure this out with visible calcs… can I group a set of objects with one visible_calc?

Thats a nice design pattern actually, There are a few ways you can group things.

Panel element can take a visible key and contains a number of elements.

Groups - Cant have a visible key but you can still hide with a styleClasses_calc

This would probably make a good video for the library if you want to booka call and we can build out.