XML vs DataAPI integration for FMBF

Hi all! We are new to FMBF and beginning to integrate it into our servers. I’m wondering if there any issue about using data api over xml. All documentation is done with the xml option.

Are all functionalities available on both methods?

Thank you.

The documentation, in truth, is just old. In other words, the data API versus the XML Gateway was never much of a consideration and an easy radio button click into interface to change, that the docs never got updated to reflect that.

There is no performance difference between the two as better forms optimizes the XML Gateway performance already.

in fact, the performance is so similar to date. No one has reported anything different to my knowledge. We have also never bothered to do any tests.

… Be sure to make sure you book your on boarding as well!

Happy building

Hi, thank you for your answer. Since the documentation is old, is BE plugin still required? If yes, which version?

Thank you!

Yes, the plugin is used to manage the clipboard during integration.
The docs are accurate, just do not include the data API Info

So it can be removed after the helper is connected to our databases?

Not really.
It is only installed locally and not on the server.
You will need it as you develop your app.

There is no advantage to removing it.

Oh, now I get it.

Thank you!